Crossfade Sounds

The birth of Crossfade Sounds was spawned from Sound Avenue’s swift and far-reaching success. With the labels popularity surging countless producers from all over the globe began sending in their demo material for a shot at getting on the much hyped imprint. Being inundated with so much quality music Sound Avenue created Crossfade Sounds to have a platform to get more of it out to the electronic music community. At the time of the labels inception it was an imprint to not only accompany Sound Avenue but to explore different realms of the sonic envelope. Initially an outlet for deeper more atmospheric studio creations Crossfade Sounds quickly evolved into an imprint that is now renowned for pushing all spectrums of intelligent electronica. With a diverse artist roster that includes a healthy mix of tried and tested studio veterans along with hugely talented up and coming artists Crossfade Sounds is now widely regarded as one of the freshest electronic music imprints around. No compromises, just great music.


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